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REFINA X-SKIM™ Interchangeable Stainless Steel Blade Roll Grip Spatulas

The REFINA X-SKIM™ Stainless Steel Spatula is a versatile hand tool solution that is capable of flattening, finishing and skimming walls and ceilings no matter the size. Thanks to the new X-SKIM™ interchangeable blade design, these spatulas can swap their blades on the fly with a simple tool-free blade change system allowing you to replace blades easily or even swap your blade from stainless steel to durable plastic. ‘TRUE EDGE™ Technology’ ensures the X-SKIM™ range of spatulas delivers consistently professional results the first time, every time, throughout plastering, rendering, drylining and even the flooring and tiling trades. Notched blades and spatulas will be available soon.

REFINA X-SKIM™ Multi-Material Spatula Features:

  • Innovative tool-less interchangeable blade design
  • TRUE EDGE™ Technology that ensures even pressure across the entire blade
  • Trade-favourite ergonomic Roll Grip handle
  • Professional consistent results every time
  • One of the lightest spatulas on the market
  • Suitable for plastering, rendering, drylining and even flooring and tiling trades
  • Stainless steel and durable plastic blades are available


Super Ergonomic Spatula Profile Handle Design:

REFINA X-SKIM™ plastering spatulas feature the same popular design profile as the original REFINA Roll Grip Spatula platform but incorporate new and improved design features that are the result of user feedback and several months of extensive product testing. This means the existing super comfortable Roll Grip handle is still present in the design, providing a reassuring and firm grip plastic profile for all-day comfort all year round.

Raised ‘Flu-Line’ ridges which feature on top of the handle allow fingers to comfortably rest, improving grip and putting less strain on the wrist while still applying the same contact force throughout the use of the spatula. This small addition to the profile provides a huge benefit to help position your hand instantly every time while reducing fatigue.

A comfortable thumb wedge accompanies the profile design at the back of the Roll Grip, which conveniently tucks the hand in at the bottom of the profile and does not interfere with blade control.

New Interchangeable Blade System and Blade Design Improvements:

The highly anticipated Interchangeable Blade System is easy to use, requires no tools and is self-locating thanks to a unique notch on the blade and X-SKIM handle. This allows you to change the blade to suit the application and even swap out damaged blades with ease - great if you tackle dry-lining, plastering, and rendering applications regularly.

A specialist hardened stainless steel alloy blade is used as part of the new X-SKIM™ range, which was developed to provide very high resistance to wear and tear, and bearing forces, ensuring no distortion throughout the entire length of the blade. Evenly distributed pressure is key when using longer lengths and with the new REFINA Knuckle Joint extension pole you can smoothly skim those hard-to-reach areas professionally and with ease. The pole has an adjustable angle head and a neat double-locking handle system which securely extends up to 2m.

The working edge of the stainless steel and plastic blades is wider than the spatula, this allows the X-SKIM™ design to reach into corners without dragging the handle along the wall. The corners of the blade have also been enhanced, specifically cut to a progressive angle shape to smooth out the corner and provide a more consistent pressure overall.

A common forgotten feature of plastering hand tools is cleaning them; the new REFINA X-SKIM™ spatula range is very easy to clean thanks to the blades being removable and the underside being more exposed, allowing for a joint knife to safely remove unwanted material and without the risk of damaging the spatula.

REFINA ‘TRUE EDGE™ Technology’:

The REFINA X-SKIM™ plastering spatulas provide more than just excellent ergonomics, they also feature ‘TRUE EDGE™ Technology’ which combines the blade and profile design to create an innovative market-leading feature unique to the REFINA X-SKIM™ plastering spatula range.

TRUE EDGE™ seamlessly connects the blade and spatula handle so that the plastic profile serves as a ‘rule’ to give the spatula blade flexibility where it’s needed but ensures the working edge of the blade remains straight and a ‘true’ amount of pressure is distributed through the entire blade. If a wall isn’t perfectly flat, the flexibility of the stainless-steel blade will push plaster into low spots and the plastic profile of the spatula will maintain the flatness of the surface across the entire blade.

This innovative design not only ensures a high-quality finish is achieved but also improves the application process when using a REFINA X-SKIM™ spatula by providing a far more forgiving experience compared to a traditional trowel, reducing fatigue and stress on the elbow and shoulder thanks to the indirect pressure on the working edge of the spatula blade.

TRUE EDGE™ simply creates a quicker, flatter and more professional finish with just one hand tool and ensures the spatula doesn’t feel like it is dragging the surface and that an even amount of pressure is distributed along the blade – particularly helpful when working on ceilings, curves and when the spatula is mounted on an extension pole. 

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