Metal Stud Partition

Metal Stud Partition is the foundation of a building, the backbone for interior layout, acting as the framework for spacing out interior areas, and is the initial step towards any construction or refurbishment project.

At Spreaders Plastering Supplies we offer a wide range of plastering and dry lining products such as; metal stud partition supplies, plasterboards, lime mortar, and many more. Here at Spreaders, we will provide a quality metal stud partition service from start to finish. Offering stud partitions for a range of properties in all shapes and sizes.

Whether you need a bag of cement or a sheet of specialized plasterboard, we can be trusted to provide you with high-quality materials at a competitive price. Partitions are efficient methods of dividing space. Stud walls are becoming a common approach to transform the use of commercial space. Using high-quality frame structures, Spreaders can provide an excellent metal stud wall partition service for a wide range of properties. For more on our services at Spreaders, click here.

We can utilize metal stud partitions in a wide range of structures to separate space and create cut off areas for domestic, commercial, and industrial properties. These quick and efficient stud partitions are easy to install and cost-effective, over brickwork alternatives as they involve less labour and are quicker to develop.

metal stud partition

Metal Stud Partition Supplies

  • 50mm, 70mm and 90mm Stud
  • Gypliner Stud & Track
  • MF Ceiling System
  • Resilient Bar

The Importance of Metal Stud Partition

Metal stud partition defines where rooms within a building will separate establishing where separate rooms will be, cubicles and windows will be positioned, giving a space more functionality as well as improving the appeal,

The partition is framed with metal studs creating a skeleton of a wall. 2 types of studs are known as U-studs and C-studs. Given to them to describe their unique shapes.

U Studs sits within the ceiling and floor of a project, and are designed to hold C-studs in place. A C-stud will connect at the end of each U stud and also along a predetermined path, providing support for the drywall keeping its straight and removed warping.

After the partition, electrical components are run through, installing enough cable to reach outlets that will be installed at a late date. Once cable and ventilation have been installed, the dray wall can be applied, following out the rest of the design.

Why use Metal?

Unlike wood, the durability of metal ensures the structural integrity of your building for an extended period, Gypsum, one of the main components of drywall is water-soluble, and wood is porous, meaning you run the risk of structural damage over time from warping and rot, causing additional costs years after the date of completion. Another risk posed by using wood as a material is the fire risk It can pose due to woods flammability, so when wood might seem like an easier material, consider the potential long-term risks that could be removed with the use of metal stud partition.

Other Products

metal stud partition


  • Thistle Multi-Finish
  • Thistle Hardwall
  • Thistle Bonding Coat
  • Gyproc Drywall Adhesive
  • Thistle Universal One Coat
  • WondertexPrem Fill & Finish

metal stud partition


  • 9.5mm, 12.5mm & 15mm Standard
  • Acoustic Boards
  • Moisture Boards
  • Thermal Boards
  • Fire Resistant Boards

metal stud partition


  • Thin Coat Angles & Stops
  • Render Angles & Stops
  • Stainless Steel render angles, stops & drips
  • Upvc Angle, stops and drips
  • Feature Beads
  • Edging Beads
  • Movement Beads

metal stud partition


  • Drywall Screws
  • Insulation Fixings
  • Hammerfixings
  • Plasterboard Nails

Lime Products

  • NHL 2, 3.5 & 5
  • Lime Mortar
  • Lime Putty
  • Horse Hair


  • Plasticiser
  • SBR
  • PVA
  • Waterproofer
  • Internal Pre-Grit
metal stud partition